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Sendio Email System Protection Now Available as Free Service
Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 03:01:00 PM
August 3, 2010 – Sendio, Inc.,developer of the only email system protection solutions to utilize self-managing dynamic whitelists which totally eliminate email attacks and abuse, today announced that the Sendio® First Defense hosted service is now available to companies with up to 100 users at no charge. The First Defense service includes 3 sender validation tests, plus an anti-virus scan, which typically filter out over 95% of what is commonly considered “spam” email. The service is designed to act as a “pre-processor” that compliments existing email content filters, quickly removing the majority of the unwanted messages so that any message content scanning processes can be more accurate and efficient.

“When we launched the First Defense service last year, our objective was to offer users of email content filtering systems a very low-risk way to learn how effective message sender validation is at filtering out unwanted email,” said Jonathan Niednagel, chief executive officer of Sendio. “Our belief was that, after seeing strong positive results, customers would then consider upgrading to our Sendio Full Defense service with its dynamic whitelist technology, making their less effective content filters obsolete. After two quarters of great success with this strategy, we have decided to up the ante and offer First Defense as a free service to small businesses. This should encourage even more companies to evaluate our solutions and discover how good a clean inbox with no inadvertently lost messages feels.”

When a First Defense account is enabled, a customer simply points their MX Record to the First Defense service address to redirect the email flow. Messages are quickly processed and, after eliminating all invalid messages, First Defense then forwards the remaining messages to the customer’s existing email infrastructure.

“We have had a Symantec email content filter in place for several years now, but it seemed to be losing its effectiveness as the volume and sophistication of email attacks increased,” said Brenda Selness, office manager at Morgan Franich Fredkin & Marsh Law. “We decided to evaluate Sendio’s First Defense service in the hope of putting off the capital expense of replacing the existing system. We have been extremely pleased with the results and would certainly recommend Sendio to every business that relies on email.”
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