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Pennsylvania Inter-County Governmental Council Finds More Savings With Sendio Cloud Services
Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 03:13:00 PM
April 20, 2010 Sendio, Inc.,developer of the only email system protection solution to utilize self-managing dynamic white-lists which totally eliminate email attacks and abuse, today announced that SEDA Council of Governments (SEDA-COG), a development agency comprised of eleven member counties in Pennsylvania, has successfully completed a transition to Sendio Full Defense services. SEDA-COG has relied on Sendio email system protection appliance-based products to secure their communications since 2007, with outstanding results. Migrating to Sendio Full Defense was part of a larger agency initiative to move appropriate IT projects to cloud-based services. Sendio Full Defense delivers all the features and functionality of the on-premise hardware solution, but acts upstream of the local ISP connection. For SEDA-COG, this resulted in freeing up 97% of the Internet bandwidth previously required to deliver inbound email.

"Email is a critical part of our organization, so its reliability and security are top priorities," said Jim Baker, Chief of the Information Technologies Group at SEDA-COG. "Several years ago, our email volume was straining our Microsoft Exchange server and we were considering earmarking funds to replace the whole system. In 2007, when we implemented a Sendio appliance-based solution to try and reduce our spam problem, it succeeded beyond all expectations. Not only did junk mail in users' inboxes drop to nearly zero without requiring any IT administration time, but the reduced load on Exchange enabled us to cancel the server upgrade project. This year, one of our initiatives is to move a number of IT applications to cloud-based services. Since our headquarters are in a very rural location, with sister agencies and clients widely distributed, application performance over limited bandwidth is always an issue. When Sendio announced their cloud-based service, we signed up immediately. The transition went smoothly and our users never noticed a change to their email. By removing all of the junk mail in our message stream before it reached our local Internet connection, we recovered so much bandwidth that users noticed increased performance in other applications. Implementing Sendio is one of the best purchases I've made in my 13 years with [SEDA-COG]."

SEDA-COG is sent over 29,000 messages on a typical day -- the bulk of which are scams of some sort, email-based cyber attacks or simply junk mail. Sendio technology filters this out and delivers only the approximately 800 legitimate messages to the organization's mail server. The agency has calculated that it now saves almost 100 man-hours each week by eliminating the time that was previously spent by end-users and IT staff sifting through inboxes and assisting with email help requests.

"Many companies and institutions are evaluating cloud-based services for the efficiencies, time savings and security they can provide," said Peter Ombres, president of Sendio. "Sendio Full Defense delivers the resource savings companies expect from a remotely-hosted service, in conjunction with the unsurpassed email protection the Sendio product line has delivered for years. SEDA-COG is an excellent example of an organization whose infrastructure has benefitted greatly from an off-premise email protection strategy and we're pleased to have been able to play a key role in their migration to the cloud."
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