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Sendio Reinforces Third-Party Anti-Spam Products
Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:51:00 PM
Sendio, Inc., developer of the only email system protection solutions to utilize self-managing email communities which totally eliminate attacks and abuse, today announced the availability of the Sendio® First Defense service. Comprised of elements from the recently announced Sendio® Full Defense service, First Defense eliminates 97% of invalid email messages “in the cloud,” before they reach existing anti-spam products, enabling those products to regain a portion of their declining effectiveness. Sendio First Defense allows organizations to reinforce their email protection infrastructure without making any changes to their physical environment or user procedures, at a very minimal cost.
“Anti-spam products that leverage content filtering used to be reasonably successful,” said Peter Ombres, Sendio chief operating officer. “However, the unwanted email that everyone still calls ‘spam’ has evolved from being simply high-volume solicitation into malicious scripting attacks trying to compromise systems and data. This abusive email looks exactly like legitimate messages from valid senders so content filtering is hopeless. By offering First Defense as a front-end processor for a company’s anti-spam system, we can showcase the effectiveness of Sendio technology, while extending the useful life of the current security investment.”
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