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Sendio Email System Protection as a Service Now Available
Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:49:00 PM
Sendio, Inc., developer of the only email system protection solutions to utilize self-managing email communities which totally eliminate attacks and abuse, today announced the availability of the Sendio® Full Defense service. This new offering delivers the full functionality of the award-winning Sendio email system protection software as a hosted online service available to businesses and institutions worldwide via Sendio authorized resellers and system integrators. Now, Sendio email protection is available to organizations of all sizes as both a turn-key appliance installed locally and as a remotely hosted online service.
“We have been very happy with the Sendio process, the Sendio hardware and software updates, and especially the Sendio service team,” said James L. Baker, chief information officer, SEDA - Council of Governments. “It worked as advertised from day one. The big reason that we are changing [to the Sendio Full Defense service] is to reduce the amount of bandwidth necessary to handle our email – leaving that bandwidth available for more important things like VPNs, on-line education and video conferencing. [The service] also eliminates my environmental costs, since the server goes away.”
“Everyone needs to protect their email environment,” stated Peter Ombres, Sendio chief operating officer. “With email servers, some companies prefer to own and operate the systems themselves, others out-source the hosting but maintain administrative control, and still others prefer to simply contract for services and allow a third party to deal with hosting and management. By adding the Sendio Full Defense service to our product portfolio, comprehensive email system protection is now available in a similar model. Our channel partners will work with their customers to determine the best architecture for a particular organization.”
“We’ve used the Sendio products with our customers for years with great success,” stated Carl Krzywiec, vice president of business development at DataMatrix Systems, Inc. “The addition of Sendio Full Defense service allows us to better meet the diverse needs of our customer base by offering a hosted option to those larger organizations that require the full collection of features available in the appliance-based solutions, but would like to take advantage of the benefits of a service environment.”
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