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Sendio Launches ESP Version 5 with Significant Upgrades
Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:44:00 AM
Sendio, Inc., an innovative provider of next generation anti-spam solutions that totally eliminate spam and e-mail threats in the enterprise environment, today unveiled Sendio’s E-mail System Protection (ESP) 5, its upgraded e-mail protection solution for the enterprise market. Leveraging Sendio’s community-based approach to e-mail security, the newest version offers innovative new features geared toward the enterprise, including message journaling for integration with third party archiving, enhanced queue summary and advanced cluster management for increased performance and redundancy.
“The new features in Sendio’s ESP 5 provide the highest level of threat protection possible while saving our customers significant resources, time, and money” said Cameron Brown, VP of Engineering at Sendio. “For enterprise customers with archiving requirements, the ESP’s message journaling capabilities now allow for integration with 3rd party archiving and eDiscovery solutions, and new clustering capabilities allow for greatly increased performance and fault tolerance in larger organizations.”
Sendio’s ESP is the only solution on the market designed specifically for the enterprise that allows organizations to build an e-mail community easily and automatically, enabling users to receive all legitimate messages while blocking harmful spam, malware and phish. The ESP 5 employs a straightforward, automated verification model similar to the one embraced by social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and the “buddy” list model used by leading instant messaging providers, allowing organization’s to assemble all trusted e-mail contacts into a pre-approved community. Sendio’s ESP far surpasses the effectiveness and capabilities of current spam filter offerings to finally secure the enterprise inbox.

“Sendio 5 provides several new benefits for customers,” said Peter Brockmann, president of research firm Brockmann & Company. “The daily queue report doubles the options available for more refined message handling. Customers will find these to be especially helpful and convenient for their end-users.”
ESP 5 features and functionality
Among its new capabilities and features, ESP 5 offers:
• New message journaling feature – system-level configuration enables forwarding a copy of every inbound message to an SMTP server or mail folder to provide reliable and compliant message archiving to be used with any third party archiving system employing an SMTP API
• Advanced cluster management – simplified configuration and failover procedures
• Optional auto-accept feature – option to auto-accept incoming e-mail form valid newsgroup or list server
• Enhanced queue summary – new “action” links in queue summary emails, including “drop” and “drop sender”
• Increased performance and redundancy – cluster-specific feature to ran any combination of the web interface (https), mail router (MTA) and mail server (smtp)
• Safari browser support – in addition to all other major browsers
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